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Sample Gay Marriage Essays

Same Sex Marriage

The question of equal rights has always been arguable. Even when some people are given the right to do something, this can restrict the right of others. In particular, it concerns the right to marry a person who is of the same sex. Some people gain the right to live with the beloved person and not to hide their feelings and some people lose the right to live in the world with the high moral values and prevent their children from seeing such couples on the streets holding hands and kissing. Of course, these poor people are not to blame for being attracted to the people of their sex.

There are even biological and psychological explanations of this anomaly. Some people have serious biological deviations like testosterone decreasing and estrogen increasing in gays and adrenogenital syndrome in lesbians (“Biological Causes of Same-sex Attraction”, 2016)

The psychological factors are broader and in most cases they are the ones, who cause this problem. For example, unhealthy relationships with parents, when the child feels abandoned from one of the parents. Not successful relationships with the different gender in school, being bullied, or just the inability to find common ground with them.

Some people become attracted to the people of the same sex after the broken relationships that affected their emotional state. Especially women who suffered from domestic violence and sexual abuse are most prone to become same-sex attracted because thus they can be sure that they will not be beaten. Some men feel embarrassed about the size of their genitals and are afraid of being laughed at by women (“What Causes Male Homosexuality?” n. d.). Some people, usually teenagers, just want to stand out. Having nothing that could prove that they are different or better than others, they choose to become gay or lesbians. This is very sad because rebelling in young age they deprive themselves of having a happy family with children in future.

All these people have a lot of traumas and are deeply unhappy. The social rejection even worsens their state. Some countries have already entered the position of these people and passed a law that allows them to get married. The first country who adopted this law was the Netherlands in 2000. Later it was Belgium, Canada, and Spain. The last country was Ireland, which adopted this law in 2015 and the signed but not yet effective is the adopted law in Finland. The general amount of such countries is 21, as for today (Waxman, 2015).

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The statistics show that amount of same-sex couples is higher in these countries, and it is difficult to tell whether it is because of some kind of propaganda there, or just because the same people hide their attraction, and no one knows about them in the countries, where such relationships are forbidden.

I also do not support families who give up their children just because they are not like all. Sometimes it not only does not help their children but make them sure that their choice is right. A lot of doctors claim that this is a disease that can be cured and offer the hormone treatment or psychotherapy depending on what caused this mental illness. In my opinion, as soon as the teenager appears to become attracted to the people of the same sex, immediate actions should be taken by the parents: visiting an endocrinologist, psychotherapist, changing environment if needed.

If nothing helps, they have just to learn how to accept him or her as they are. As they say, what cannot be cured must be endured. Otherwise, they can even provoke some other problems like substances abuse and suicide. But accepting the people the way they are do not mean allowing them to promote their behavior, marry, adopt children and show their love on the streets making other people feel embarrassed. Of course, it somehow restricts their rights. But only this way we can be sure that our children will be raised only in the healthy environment seeing the right model of family and not being bullied by the peers because of same-sex parents.

Gay Marriage

When people hear about gay-marriage, a lot of things come to mind and it is also matter of agreeing or disagreeing with it. Actually, there are a lot of reasons why it should be legalized, and people should be given the right to end up with the person they love no matter what gender. Those who do not have an open mind towards gay marriage should be aware of the benefits it can have on their lives as well.

Couples are not only for the heterosexuals and they same-sex couples should be given the same privilege to the benefits heterosexual marriage couples have. Ostracizing and denying someone the right to marry because of their sexual orientation spreads negativity and it is discrimination. Therefore, they become a minority just because they are not allowed to get married. In reality, marriage is a human and civil right regardless of gender.

Gay marriage does not impact the heterosexual communities, just like when racial integration did not have an effect on communities. Its concept is the same as legalizing gay marriage, and it is going to grant the LGBT a right that was immorally denied.

It also lessens youth suicide because one of the reasons behind teen suicide are because of the bullying that happens because of their sexual orientation. The same level of acceptance will happen because of legalizing gay marriage will show them that it does not matter and society will still respect them. The younger generations need an explanation that who they are is not a social defect, so they are not going to be tempted to take their lives just because they are gay.

When gay marriage becomes legal, it creates joint ownership presumption accrued while they are married. It is not the case for unmarried couples, where their property is only presumed by the one who acquired it. Deciding on which of the presumption works for the couple, it can be helpful to decide if they want to get married or not. The death and taxes creates a legal framework to handle issues caused by death, whether if it is about the property, taxes or parental rights. To have these effects when the couple is unmarried, a lot of time and money will go to the establishment of a similar relationship due to contract. In addition, there are things that cannot be created again because of the contract, like freedom from taxes and inheritance. Another thing to keep in mind is the transfer taxes in properties that married couples do not have, and only to married couples. It could mean moving assets cost less and very challenging for unmarried couples.

Those who are married have government benefits, because they give a lot to married couples. Some of these benefits include health care, security, nursing home care, and paid leave when you have to take care of a family member.

The adoption of children will increase because of gay marriage because majority of adoption agencies are against gay couples and they have a hard time adopting children. A lot of agencies will only allow adoption to married couples, so rejecting a stable gay couple is an option for them. When gay marriage is legalized, adoption agencies will have no choice but to grant the same right to gay couples.

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