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CUIT computer labs provide a combination of workstations and/or ColumbiaNet kiosks. These computing facilities provide users with valid accounts access to a range of software. The computing platforms available in the CUIT Managed Computer Labs are Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS workstations. Please note that the computers in the labs are available 23/7. CUIT reserves one hour each night for maintenance

CUIT computer clusters provide 24-hour access to computer workstations which provide internet access and application support, CUNIX access, and other campus information services. While the facilities are always open, 24-hour access to residential hall clusters is restricted to students with resident CUIDs and CUIT. Students living in other locations may have access to residence hall clusters between 7:00am and 10:00pm.

The computer lab stations are currently running Microsoft Windows 7. The stations have USB drive support, allowing users to view, create, edit, print and save files to and from USB drives. Documents and sensitive data should not be saved locally on these machines, as these machines are heavily used and the data will be purged regularly. Data CANNOT be recovered once purged. Please save often to a USB drive or a cloud location.

The computing facilities are in various locations throughout campus. When there are no classes scheduled, the hands-on electronic classrooms are converted to computer labs. Some locations have part-time lab consultants to provide lab help.

CUIT provides two methods for faculty, researchers, and staff to connect to the Columbia network from a remote location: VPN and Citrix. Students, including international students, are not eligible for VPN or Citrix through CUIT at this time.

Please note: The Citrix software is also used by other groups at Columbia such as SIPA. The information on this page only applies to CUIT Citrix.

Most of Columbia’s systems can be accessed directly in your web browser, but certain restricted administrative applications require the CUIT VPN (virtual private network). VPN is also the solution for most users to connect remotely to your shared files on the University network. If you are one of CUIT’s customers that pays for access to the Columbia Central Server, you can use CUIT Citrix to access certain applications and resources on the server.

Before utilizing either remote access service, please refer to the Columbia University Remote Access Policy in the Administrative Policy Library for specific requirements and guidelines.

Please remember that most of Columbia’s systems can be accessed directly in your web browser without using VPN or Citrix, freeing up licenses for other users. If you have been authorized to access these systems, the best way to log in remotely is by navigating to the portal and simply using your UNI and password. The Columbia U Secure network eliminates the need to use VPN while on campus in order to access Columbia administrative resources.

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