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Physics Spm Essay Collection


Answering Question TechniquesPhysics SPM (4531/2)Paper 2 (100 marks)Time: 2 1/2 hoursPhysics 4531/2 (Assessment Format)Subjective Questions (2 ½ Hours)3 SectionsSection A: Structural QuestionsSection B: Restricted Respond & Extended Respond QuestionsSection C : Restricted Respond & Extended Respond QuestionsSection A : 60% Answer All Questions (7-8 Questions)Section B : 20% (Two questions choose one) (Application & Problem Solving)Section C : 20% (Two questions choose One) (Conceptualisation & Making Decision)

Format of Question (Section A)Short structural questions: Give short definition, base on diagram state reading, give similarities,, statereason, state principle involve, calculation, label diagram (direction of forces), fill in the blanks (e.ghalf life____ days) underline words (step up, step down transformer) name an item, draw a picture(e.g ray diagram for magnifying glass), state function (e.g :oil in the hole of aluminium block inspecific heat experiment )Format of Question (Section B)i). Give a definition or explanation of terms or phrasee.g. : What is meant by


? (Q9 P2 2007), meaning of 


(Q9 P2 2008)ii). Giving 2 situations, making comparison, state the relationship between 2 quantitiesiii). Explain working principle & suggest modificationExample:Q9- P2 SPM 2008e.g. Q9 P2 SPM 2008a (i) What is the meaning of elasticity? [1 mark](ii) Using diagram 9.1 & 9.2, compare the thickness of the spring wire & the maximum height reached by the balls. Relate the thickness of the spring wire with the max. height of the ball to make a1




Suitable cables used as transmission cable: 6.

Suitable liquid as coolant in car engine: 7.

Suitable liquid used in thermometer: 8.

Design of loudspeaker and hall to  produce loud and clear sound:

Design Reason The loudspeakers are not installed against each other. To avoid multiple reflections. Loudspeakers are installed at a far distance from each other. So that the distances of constructive and destructive interferences are  bigger. Use high powered loudspeakers. So that the sound output will be loud and clear. Use soft board for the wall of hall. To reduce echo of sound waves. Cover the floor with carpet or use sound  proof flooring. To avoid reflection of sound wave from the hard floor. Sitting area is arranged in the antinode region only. So that louder sound can be heard by audience.


Modifications to improve the reception television signals:

Design Reason Use wave of longer wavelength. To increase the effect of diffraction. Set up the transmitter on hill tops. The signal will not be  blocked. Install a relay transmitter on the hill top to amplify and retransmit the signals To increase the strength of signals Build a taller signal receiver at house. Able to receive the signals without disruption. Increase the strength of signals. The signals can travel further.

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