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Envision Math 2.0 Answers For Lesson 3-4 Homework Answers

Larry C.

Winter Haven, FL

You and a friend start biking in opposite directions from the same point.

You and a friend start biking in opposite directions from the same point. You travel 108 feet every 8 seconds. Your friend travels 63 feet every 6 seconds. a. To the nearest hundredth of...

Mar 7 | Victoria from San Diego, CA | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

Mark M.

Carson, CA

A car costs 12,000. During a sale, it will cost 10,920. By what percent was the price reduced?

Asking about how much the car price was reduced during the sale (in percentage form).

Mar 4 | Ryan from Santa Clara, CA | 1 Answer | 1 Vote


Andy C.

Orlando, FL

a 12-out bottle of fruit juice costs $1.50. At that rate how much would a 22-ounce bottle of fruit juice cost?

 is the answer   A$3.30 B.2.75 C.$133 D.$0.13

Feb 25 | Sam from Schenectady, NY | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

Kenneth S.

Mesa, AZ

The sum of a number and its double is 21

Having trouble understanding algerba

Feb 15 | Kelly from Hartville, OH | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

Andrew M.

Palm Bay, FL

Which one is different? 20%, 0.2, 3/5, 1/5

math/ decimals and fractions 

Feb 14 | Tabbi from North Charleston, SC | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

David M.

Belmont, MI

A pan of brownies is 7/10 full. Tyreese buys 2/5 of the brownies. How Much Is Left Of The Brownies?

I want to know what 2/5 - 7/10 is.

Jan 24 | Jayson from Bloomfield Hills, MI | 2 Answers | 0 Votes

Math6th Grade MathMath Word ProblemMath HelpFractions

David W.

Round Rock, TX

Sam earns a certain amount of money per week as an allowance. He borrowed and lost a friends DVD. He owes the fried for the DVD.

The equation A=20w-17 shows the amount of allowance (A) Sam has left after any # of weeks and after paying back his friend.   Explain what information the #s and variables in this equation...

Jan 27 | Sue from Bristol, WI | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

Andrew M.

Palm Bay, FL

7 out of every 8 students surveyed owns a bike. The difference between those who do and don't is 72. How many students were surveyed?

I'm good at ratios, but not THAT good when it comes to stuff like this. Plz help!!!

Jan 26 | Maggie from Cashmere, WA | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade MathRatios

Andrew M.

Palm Bay, FL

How can I describe the relationship between 2/3 of 3/4 and 3/4 of 2/3???

 How can I describe the relationship between 2/3 of 3/4 and 3/4 of 2/3???

Jan 24 | Jayson from Bloomfield Hills, MI | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

Math6th Grade MathFractionsFractions HelpMath Help

Mark M.

Carson, CA

Three pounds of lawn seed covers 1800 square feet. How many 4 pound bags are needed to cover 8400 square feet?

need to know it fast

Dec 15 | Jaime from Mount Prospect, IL | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

Timothy W.

Renton, WA

Can some one please help answer this math question for me!!

Maria plays tennis only on Fridays. She plays basketball every third day. if Maria plays tennis and basketball on Friday, how many days will it be before she plays tennis and basketball again on the...

Dec 13 | Impact from Chicago, IL | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

MathHelp Me Please Please HelpSchoolExam QuestionPlease Help With This...

Andrew M.

Palm Bay, FL

The ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in school is 5:7. If there are 600 students in school how many girls are there?

There are no additional detail.

Dec 11 | Avery from Gillette, WY | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

Ratios6th Grade Math

Mark M.

Carson, CA

what are all the common factors of 8 and 12 from 1 to 100

I'm stuck on a problem

Sep 28 | Logan from Zion, IL | 1 Answer | 1 Vote

6th Grade MathNo answers ... yet!

The school council voted on their two candidates to become their student council president. The number of votes for candidate one was 523.

The school council voted on their two candidates to become their student council president. The number of votes for candidate one was 523. The number of votes for candidate two was 412. About what...

Oct 29 | Alexis from Riverview, FL | 0 Answers | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

Andy C.

Orlando, FL

I have a can not figure this problem out.

 At Kentucky fried chicken, the kitchen staff baked 96 chicken legs, 144 thighs, and 224 wings. The staff had to prepare platters for a catered lunch  at an office. Each water will have...

Sep 7 | Chris from Alpharetta, GA | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

Michael A.

Newport News, VA

Fractions I guess?

During a dig, an archaeological team starts at an elevation of −5 1/2 feet. At a rate of 2 3/4 feet per hour, the team digs deeper into the surface for 3 1/2 hours. For the next 4 1/2 hours, the team...

May 19 | Evelyn from Durham, NC | 2 Answers | 0 Votes

Math6th Grade MathNo answers ... yet!

Melanie has $64 in her checking account. she writes a check for $75. What is Melanie's checking account balance after writing the check?

i'm currently working on integers and i'm stuck on this question 

Sep 28 | Noa from Houston, TX | 0 Answers | 0 Votes

Intergers6th Grade Math

Tim C.

Fairfax, VA

The 6th grade class collects $1,575. The class wants to give the same amount to 35 charities. How much will each charity recieve?

I am having trouble. Can you please help me ?

Aug 29 | Jr from Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

J.R. S.

Carmel, IN

A math test has 20 questions that be completed in 15 minutes cross. If a student spends the same time each problem how many minutes would that be

20 divided by 50 

May 6 | Kaylie from Fort Worth, TX | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

Michael A.

Newport News, VA


There are 25 students in the class. If 10 of those students are girl, what percent of the students are girl?

May 31 | Rebecca from Rochester, NY | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

6th Grade Math

Chapter 1

Chapter One

1-1Think About a Planp.2
Standardized Test Prepp.5
1-2Think About a Planp.6
Standardized Test Prepp.9
1-3Think About a Planp.10
Standardized Test Prepp.13
1-4Think About a Planp.14
Standardized Test Prepp.17
1-5Think About a Planp.18
Standardized Test Prepp.21
1-6Think About a Planp.22
Standardized Test Prepp.25

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

2-1Think About a Planp.26
Standardized Test Prepp.29
2-2Think About a Planp.30
Standardized Test Prepp.33
2-3Think About a Planp.34
Standardized Test Prepp.37
2-4Think About a Planp.38
Standardized Test Prepp.41
2-5Think About a Planp.42
Standardized Test Prepp.45
2-6Think About a Planp.46
Standardized Test Prepp.49
2-7Think About a Planp.50
Standardized Test Prepp.53
2-8Think About a Planp.54
Standardized Test Prepp.57

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

3-1Think About a Planp.58
Standardized Test Prepp.61
3-2Think About a Planp.62
Standardized Test Prepp.65
3-3Think About a Planp.66
Standardized Test Prepp.69
3-4Think About a Planp.70
Standardized Test Prepp.73
3-5Think About a Planp.74
Standardized Test Prepp.77
3-6Think About a Planp.78
Standardized Test Prepp.81

Chapter 4

Chapter Four

4-1Think About a Planp.82
Standardized Test Prepp.85
4-2Think About a Planp.86
Standardized Test Prepp.89
4-3Think About a Planp.90
Standardized Test Prepp.93
4-4Think About a Planp.94
Standardized Test Prepp.97
4-5Think About a Planp.98
Standardized Test Prepp.101
4-6Think About a Planp.102
Standardized Test Prepp.105
4-7Think About a Planp.106
Standardized Test Prepp.109
4-8Think About a Planp.110
Standardized Test Prepp.113
Think About a Planp.114
Standardized Test Prepp.117

Chapter 5

Chapter Five

5-1Think About a Planp.118
Standardized Test Prepp.121
5-2Think About a Planp.122
Standardized Test Prepp.125
5-3Think About a Planp.126
Standardized Test Prepp.129
5-4Think About a Planp.130
Standardized Test Prepp.133
5-5Think About a Planp.134
Standardized Test Prepp.137
5-6Think About a Planp.138
Standardized Test Prepp.141
5-7Think About a Planp.142
Standardized Test Prepp.145
5-8Think About a Planp.146
Standardized Test Prepp.149
5-9Think About a Planp.150
Standardized Test Prepp.153

Chapter 6

Chapter Six

6-1Think About a Planp.154
Standardized Test Prepp.157
6-2Think About a Planp.158
Standardized Test Prepp.161
6-3Think About a Planp.162
Standardized Test Prepp.165
6-4Think About a Planp.166
Standardized Test Prepp.169
6-5Think About a Planp.170
Standardized Test Prepp.173
6-6Think About a Planp.174
Standardized Test Prepp.177
6-7Think About a Planp.178
Standardized Test Prepp.181
6-8Think About a Planp.182
Standardized Test Prepp.185

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

7-1Think About a Planp.186
Standardized Test Prepp.189
7-2Think About a Planp.190
Standardized Test Prepp.193
7-3Think About a Planp.194
Standardized Test Prepp.197
7-4Think About a Planp.198
Standardized Test Prepp.201
7-5Think About a Planp.202
Standardized Test Prepp.205
7-6Think About a Planp.206
Standardized Test Prepp.209

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

8-1Think About a Planp.210
Standardized Test Prepp.213
8-2Think About a Planp.214
Standardized Test Prepp.217
8-3Think About a Planp.218
Standardized Test Prepp.221
8-4Think About a Planp.222
Standardized Test Prepp.225
8-5Think About a Planp.226
Standardized Test Prepp.229
8-6Think About a Planp.230
Standardized Test Prepp.233

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine

9-1Think About a Planp.234
Standardized Test Prepp.237
9-2Think About a Planp.238
Standardized Test Prepp.241
9-3Think About a Planp.242
Standardized Test Prepp.245
9-4Think About a Planp.246
Standardized Test Prepp.249
9-5Think About a Planp.250
Standardized Test Prepp.253

Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

10-1Think About a Planp.254
Standardized Test Prepp.257
10-2Think About a Planp.258
Standardized Test Prepp.261
10-3Think About a Planp.262
Standardized Test Prepp.265
10-4Think About a Planp.266
Standardized Test Prepp.269
10-5Think About a Planp.270

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