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The Evil Within - The Assignment - Collectible Guide

The Assignment DLC Collectible Guide

There are a total of 18 collectibles in the DLC that you must find in order to obtain all collectible related trophies in The Assignment. Each collectible is listed below in the order that they appear in the game. Collectibles pertaining to the Doctor's Notes trophy are blue, A Piece of My Past is purple and A Warning is green. After you pick up the last collectible pertaining to each of the three trophies, all three will unlock. Chapters 1 and 2 are both fairly short so you can expect to 100% this DLC within 3-4 hours.

Chapter 1: "The Oath"

1. KCPD Criminal Report
  • In the Beginning of Chapter 1, right after the cop Haunted pushes you down in the tunnel. Follow the path to the dead end on the right and the collectible is sitting on a hospital chair.

2. Entry #231
  • After using the vent to reach the room where a faceless man was attacked, proceed through the double doors next to that room. The tape is by the body just beyond the doors.

3. Letter Scrap #1
  • After evading your first Haunted and entering the room where you had to mash to open the doors, there's a safe on your right on the desk. In order to open the safe, push the buttons in order from the one the has the most blood on it, to the one with the least blood on it. The scrap is inside the safe.

4. Letter Scrap #2
  • After encountering your first save couch in the room with the small stairs, proceed to the next area. On your left is a glass room that you can enter by crawling in a small opening on the right side of the room. The safe containing the scrap is on the coffee table. In order to open this safe, you have to input the numbers on each dial of the corresponding color. To find the numbers for each dial, use :L1: to focus your flashlight on the pictures around the room. The numbers are colored to match the dials on the same. Open the safe to obtain the scrap.

5. Entry #16
  • This audio tape is story related and cannot be missed. After using your flashlight to create a door by finishing the star logo on the wall outside, you're enter a room where you'll notice another star logo on the wall beside a desk. Focus your flashlight here to make an additional desk appear and the audio tape is on top of this desk.

6. Letter Scrap #3
  • While navigating the Biometrics area you'll come to an area where you have to get passed several exploding cadavers. On the right side of this initial cadaver area after you climb down the red ladder, there will be an area where a cadaver is positioned directly in front of a slightly opened door. Go passed the this cadaver to the right under the overhanging box and up the ladder. There will be a safe on the shelf. In order to unlock this safe, you need to make every light glow. Selecting any of the buttons will turn any button touching it off or on opposite of it's status beforehand.

7. Recording #1: Recruitment
  • While following the main objective in the Biometrics area you'll be activating a series of consoles. Near the last console that does a 360 degree scan of your head, there is a personnel file to the right on the desk.

8. Letter Scrap #4
  • After leaving Biometrics and using the hand scanner to head into the area where you saw Leslie earlier, the safe containing the scrap is on a desk up the stairs to the left. In order to open this safe you need to light up specific lights into a pattern. You can figure out which lights to activate by turning right when facing the safe and going down the walkway until you see a series of red squares. Focus your flashlight on these squares to reveal the pattern for the safe.

9. Entry #229
  • After the last Letter Scrap you will head towards the elevator at the end of the room and turn right down the stairs leading to a door. Before entering the door, the audio tape is on top of some filing cabinets on the left.

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Chapter 2: "Crossing Paths"

10. Entry #239
  • In the area where you encounter to two enemies that you can only see when you shine your flashlight, the audio file is on a desk in the last room on the left before you turn the wheel to open the large metal gate.

11. Letter Scrap #5
  • After the encounter where you have to defend yourself with a handgun, there is a ladder one of the pillars in the room. Go up the ladder to see a safe directly in front of you. In order to open this safe you need a combination for the dial. The combination is found by turning right down the walkway and focusing your flashlight on the pillar to your right before the walkway turns left.

12. Letter Scrap #6
  • During the event where you are trying to collect three fuses, after using the first fuse you'll be navigating a flooded area that goes right up a ladder or left towards a medal gate. Go left and focus your flashlight on the right wall to reveal a hidden tunnel. Go through the tunnel and up the ladder to find the safe. This safe is opened by lighting up the buttons in a certain pattern and the pattern can be found directly across from the safe by focusing your flashlight on the wall.

13. Entry #246
  • After the event where you used the three fuses to open the metal door Joseph went through earlier, the audio tape will be in the next room you enter in the back right corner on some barrels.

14. Entry #215
  • After meeting up with Joseph and using the flashlight on the wall to find the save couch, head up the stairs passed the open door and focus your flashlight on the star symbol on the wall. Once in this puzzle room, turn the statue on the right to look like an upwards arrow and focus your flashlight on the statue towards the symbol on the wall to finish the logo. Once you finish the logo, the wall will open revealing the audio tape.

15. Recording #13: Disposition
  • After the Joseph encounter when you regain control of Kidman in the old house, exit the room and turn right. The file will be in the rocking chair of the next room.

16. Letter Scrap #7
  • After exiting the house and seeing Leslie in a small market courtyard, turn left towards the main gate and break the box to the right of the gate. The safe is near the breakable box on the small wooden platform. Simply light up all the buttons on the safe to unlock it.

17. Entry #201
  • After solving the searchlight puzzle to follow the direction Leslie went in the town near the statue. Follow the underground path. In the tunnel there will be a save couch in front of you. The collectible is on the small table to the right of the couch.

18. Letter Scrap #8
  • Once you finally meet up with Leslie in just after the initial graveyard area where you ring the bell, follow the story path until after you see the Ruvik scene. The safe is behind Leslie on the left. Push the button with the most blood on it in order to the least blood to unlock the safe.

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Throughout the chapters there are hidden collectibles. These include research documents, personnel files, torn letter pieces, tracks for the music player and models for the model viewer. Torn Letter pieces are in safes that look like The Keeper's head. Tracks look like a Gold Record with the Tango Gameworks logo, and models appear as a snail that you must focus your flashlight on until it turns into the Tango Gameworks logo.

Chapter 1: An Oath Edit

  • Personnel File #1: KCPD Criminal Record

After being attacked by Connelly, go down the tunnel to your immediate right to find it on a chair.

After you grab the flashlight, head back towards a sectioned off area. It's on the lower shelf of a table.

  • Research Document #1: Entry #231

Follow Shade through the double doors. It's on the ground in front of the corpse.

After you escape the first haunted it's on the desk to your right. Press the buttons in the order of the most to the least blood.

  • Track #1: Hidden Beginnings

In the hallway after the save point, look at the bottom of the fifth section of wall on the right.

Instead of heading down the stairs, turn left and enter the vent. The safe is on the coffee table. The combination numbers are on 3 paintings, the motivational, Modern Art Keeper and the landscape on the left. Use your flashlight to reveal them, pay close attention to the number and color.

After going down the stairs, turn right and enter the vent. The snail is at the far end.

  • Research Document #2: Entry #16

After getting past the light puzzle, shine your flashlight on the Mobius symbol to make a desk appear.

On a shelf from where you see Ruvik behind the glass.

After being introduced to a new type of enemy called Cadaver, enter the vent the second one came out of.

Whiles navigating Biometrics you'll see a cadaver blocking a half open door, which you'll need to crawl under to pull a switch, instead head right and climb up the ladder. To open the safe turn on all the lights.

  • Personnel File #2: Recording #1: Recruitment

In the room with the neural scanner, on the desk.

The safe is on a desk to your left when you ascend the stairs. The combination is at the far end of the balcony.

  • Research Document #3: Entry #229

Left of the double doors after descending the stairs.

Chapter 2: Crossing Paths Edit

  • Track #3: Staying Out of Sight

After Killing the Invisible Haunted, go behind the barrier on the far right to find it sitting on a damaged wall.

  • Research Document #4: Entry #239

After killing the second invisible haunted it's on a desk in the room with the windows.

After fending off Shade climb the ladder to the catwalk where she was. Use your flashlight to reveal the code on the pillar at the far end.

Place the fuse on the left most socket of the panel to open the door to your left. Shine your flashlight on the Mobius symbol to reveal a secret tunnel. The combination is on the wall behind you.

After getting the second fuse, a haunted will burst through the nearby door. Kill him with the trap or evade him and go through the door. Crawl under the hole in the wire fence on your left to find it.

  • Research Document #5: Entry #246

After getting all 3 fuses and restoring power to the gate, go through the door and it's sitting on a yellow barrel in the corner.

When you reunite with Joseph turn around and run to far end of the room to find it sitting on the ground.

  • Research Document #6: Entry #215

At the top of the staircase shine your light on the Mobius symbol to reveal a door. Solve the puzzle (rotate the piece on the right once) inside by completing the symbol to reveal a secret panel containing the document.

  • Personnel File #3: Recording #13: Disposition

It's sitting on the rocking chair around the corner.

  • Model #5: Joseph (Haunted)

Behind a wagon is a hole in the wall, crawl under and break some boxes to find it on top of an animal cage.

Inside a breakable box near the wrought iron gate. Turn on all the lights to open it.

  • Research Document #7: Entry #201

On the end table next to the red sofa.

In the catacombs, the room full of holes, in it's the very last hole on the far end of the room. Same as before, the most blood to the least.

  • Track #5: Insubordination

It's in the tunnel Kidman tells Leslie to hide in.

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