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Social Problems In Bangladesh Essay Definition

Bangladesh might be better known for natural disasters and human suffering, but for years this south Asian nation has been a kind of Silicon Valley in the field of social entrepreneurship and anti-poverty programs.

It is the birthplace of BRAC, the world’s largest non-government organization, and Grameen Bank, better known in the West since winning the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.

However, the success of Grameen and BRAC is still dwarfed by the sheer scale the economic and environmental problems faced by this crowded, low-lying nation of 150 million. So the challenge for behemoths and start ups alike is to scale up — not just to have a wider social impact but also to sustain the enterprise so it depends less on charity.

That’s a key impetus for JITA, a partnership between CARE, a global blue chip charity, and multinational corporations such as Danone and Unilever, owners of household brands like Danon, Dove and Vaseline.

The symbiosis seems fairly straightforward: The corporations bring pockets far deeper than anything available in the nonprofit world; the charity opens the door to the bottom of the pyramid, the market of people too poor to warrant much attention until now, but at perhaps 4 billion people, a potential green pasture in today’s global economy.

The partnership is an uneasy one, revealing the complex social issues that underlie poverty and compromises anti-poverty activists must make to achieve scale.

“We saw them as an evil to society,” JITA CEO Saif Rashid, a former CARE veteran, recently said of his private sector partners.

Cameraman Rakesh Nagar films women in a Bangladeshi village. Photo by Fred de Sam Lazaro/PBS NewsHour

Today, some 7,000 CARE-trained women walk or pedal through their villages in “Avon lady” fashion with a basket of Unilever products. CARE is a 51 percent partner in JITA, a tilt deliberately intended to insure that development objectives trump the profit motive and to control the products placed in the basket. Soap and shampoo are no brainers, as are other desirable health and hygiene products, like sanitary pads.

Some things are unacceptable, even though they’d likely sell well, like cigarettes. In between are items dubbed “acceptable” because they sell well and the saleswomen could not make a viable profit without them.

Most controversial — and profitable — in this necessary-evil category is Fair and Lovely, a skin whitening cream that’s a blockbuster seller in Bangladesh and across several parts of Asia.

JITA has pledged to replace Fair and Lovely with a non-whitening skin cream by 2015. It sometime feels like a Jekyll and Hyde undertaking, admits Saif Islam, a board member. The project is creating a class of consumers yet trying to dictate what they should and should not consume, he said.

“Who are we to judge?” Islam asked. At the same time, he said given the level of poverty among this class of consumers, it’s hard to escape the fact that the money spent on skin whiteners would be better put toward other things.

JITA also draws criticism from women’s rights activist Firdous Azim for reinforcing age-old mores in rural Bangladesh that dictate that women not leave their homes unless accompanied by their husbands. One of JITA’s key marketing pitches is that women don’t need to go to town to buy their daily essentials, the products come to them.

As for the modest improvement in the lives of many of the JITA saleswomen, Azim would much rather that women be offered more “transformative” options that improve both their economic and social position. For all its myriad flaws, she said Bangladesh’s garment industry has provided new mobility and options for millions of women. One bright spot from the Rana Plaza building collapse, she said, is that it publicized the hefty contribution women make to the country’s economy.

For their part, JITA officials say the project was never intended to be an alternative to the garment industry. JITA jobs are part time, for example, intended mostly to supplement the saleswomen’s family income. But they say it is helping stem the urbanization tsunami caused in significant part by the burgeoning apparel industry located mostly in and around the capital, Dhaka. The city is now home to more than 15 million. Barely a half of them have access to an improved toilet.

Fred de Sam Lazaro’s report from Bangladesh on JITA aired on Thursday’s PBS NewsHour.

Social Problems Unemployment Essay

Swayze page 4


Dominique L. Swayze

SOCI-212 Social Problems

Mrs. Renee Decter

18 May 2014

There are many approaches toward social problems. The sociological approach toward social problems differs from other approaches for example functional and dysfunctional. These approaches provided fuller explanations. As defined in the book," function is as consequences that increase the survival of a social system (a group, an organization, a society, or a global social system)."Leon-Guerrero, page 18. A significant proportion must be in defining a social problem. The most significant problems are targeted to the majority of the people. If the problem only affected a few it would not be a significant problem.

One of the most social problem that we has people face today is unemployment. Unemployment is high all over the United States. This has no discrimination against gender, or income. However according to Department of Numbers it shows that the Blacks have the highest unemployment rate. One cannot talk about unemployment without talking about education. The lack of education in the African Americans and other minorities are so low that a high school diploma will not get them there. This particularly hits the blacks because of low education, Black men make 12 percent is incarnated. The higher the employment rate is the lower education is to obtain it. Being unemployed also has to do with geographic location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Rhode Island, Nevada, California, Illinois and Kentucky have the highest rate of unemployment. About 8.9% have less than a high school diploma. 6.3% only obtained a high school diploma. 5.7% have some college or has obtained associates degree, meanwhile only 3% have a bachelor's degree or higher. 50% of blacks do not graduate high school. With unemployment being a significant social problem it trickles down to some minor social problems as well. Social class. There is a lot of grants of the Hispanics or the other non- citizens to come to the United States and receive automatic for social security and school education. Majority of races come together to get to that next level of social class. That's why we have certain ethnicities living with 5 or more to a household, helping each other with daycare, home expenses, having only one car payment. They are able to combine their income to sustain the unemployment. White men are the highest for jobs. This particular social problem is continuing to increase especially with those who lack education and the motivation.

One important way that this issue may be address in this society is that there be an equilibrium among all races, genders, and social classes. The need to have...

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