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Submit Assignment Through Blackboard Mizzou

  • Select the Content Area from the Course Menu that holds the assignment (for example, the Course Documents area or Assignments area)

  • Click the name of the assignment. The Upload Assignment page appears

  • Complete the Submission field if necessary

  • Click Browse My Computer and select a file to attach

  • Optionally give your submission file a name in the Link Title field (by default, this name is the filename of the file you attached)

  • Click Attach File

  • Complete the Comments field if necessary

    Do NOT use the comments section to write out the text of your assignment or paper.

  • Click Submit when you are ready

  • You will see a green line at the top of the page stating that the assignment is complete and that you can see your submission history - always make sure you see that line.  If not, re-submit it, clear cache if necessary or try another browser. The submission line will include a confirmation number for your submission.

  • If your assignment was submitted successfully, you will receive an email confirmation.

  • Helpful MyGateway Tutorials for Students

    Below you'll find resources that assist you in using the MyGateway (Blackboard) course management system. The MyGateway system has many flexible features that enhance teaching and learning both in and out the classroom. If you have any questions about using MyGateway please contact the Faculty Resource Center by phone, 516-6704 or email, frc@umsl.edu.

    View the Flash videos on this page using Internet Explorer. You can also download a separate SWF opener application if desired.

    Personalize MyGateway

    1. Customizing Your MyGateway Page (video)
    2. Changing the Color Theme on your MyGateway Page (video)
    3. Adding Events to Your Calendar (video)
    4. Stay Organized by Managing Your Course and Personal Tasks (video)
    5. Editing Your Personal Preferences (video)
    6. Setting your Privacy Options (video)

    Managing Course Assignments

    1. Submitting an Assignment (video)

    Communication Tools: Email, Groups, Discussion Board...

    1. Working in Groups (video)
    2. Creating a Discussion Board Post (video)
    3. Creating a Discussion Board Thread (video)
    4. Replying to a Discussion Board Thread (video)
    5. Organizing Discussion Board Posts (video)
    6. Viewing Discussion Board Grades (video)
    7. Using the Discussion Board (Flash video)
    8. Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Wimba Classroom) (html)
    9. Sending email from a course (pdf)

    Accessing Grades and taking exams online

    1. Checking your Grades (video)
    2. Taking Tests at the Online Testing Center (html)

    Additional Resources

    1. Introduction to MyGateway (Flash video)
    2. Blackboard Screen Reader (html)
    3. Turnitin


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