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Essay On Engineering As A Career

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This is my first time using this forum, and I was wondering if anybody could help me edit/proofread my essay.

The question states, "Describe your interest in engineering along with your personal interests and career goals, and how they relate. (500 word maximum)*".

Here's what I got so far,

From a very young age, I've always been curious as to how things work. As a child, my father ran a small computer repair business out of our basement, and I have fond memories helping him troubleshoot, repair and build computers for his clients. Not only did I make more money repairing computers than I would've cutting grass, but these experiences had peaked my interests in computers, electronics and just about everything electrical. As I grew older other interests began to surface. Throughout high school I became very interested in mathematics and physics. The fact that numbers could quantify and evaluate the world around is not only something that I found interesting, but also very powerful. It was exciting to think that I could model, analyze and understand real world systems using mathematics and physics. Upon entering university, I chose to pursue electrical engineering because it was a perfect marriage between all of my primary interests, all contained within an exciting, innovative and challenging field.

My engineering interests within the field of electrical engineering are at their core are centered around the subject of power and energy systems. In fact, upon completion of my final upcoming academic year, I will graduate with a specialized degree within the Power and Energy Systems focus area. This subject area focuses on concepts and systems used in the generation, transmission, delivery, utilization, storage and control of electric power and energy. Aside from a general curiosity for all things related to power systems, my primary interests are related to the applications of power electronics in power systems. Innovations and advancements within the field of power electronics and its associated technologies have allowed for monumental advancements in a variety of other technologies such as the still emerging and increasingly popular HVDC transmission systems. As a resident of the province of Manitoba I have a very unique and privileged opportunity to work alongside one of the Canada's largest utilities and world-renowned leader in the research and development of HVDC transmission systems, Manitoba Hydro.

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I plan on continuing my education by pursuing a Master's degree in the field of power and energy systems. More specifically, I plan to study and research new and upcoming HVDC converter technologies, and further facilitate their implementation into today's ever expanding power grid. In addition to obtaining my Masters degree, I also plan on working in industry in order further solidify my engineering education with real world engineering experiences. Finally, I aspire to one day start my own engineering consultant firm and actively participate and contribute to HVDC developments around the world.

The Career of Engineering Essay

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The Career of Engineering

Take a look around yourself. What do you see? Maybe books, chairs, a television, or even your clothes. All the day to day things that are man-made, you can be sure that an engineer helped make it. Engineers have shaped our world as we know it. There are many different kinds of engineers from chemical, mechanical, textile, civil, agricultural and structural engineers. Our civilization would be as advanced as the Stone Age without these people. This career demands a wide education of math and science. It is an ever-changing career with new advances in materials and the way products are produced. Engineering careers are very secure with respect to compensation. Regardless of this, it does have it’s disadvantages…show more content…

(Britannica 243) Another disadvantage of being an engineer is the actual status of being one. It is not looked upon as highly as other fields such as doctors and lawyers. Most of the time they are looked upon as nerds. In addition, most engineers are not promoted to high level positions such as presidents or top executives. They do not have the accounting or business education to do that particular job. This means that most engineers never get the opportunity to be their own boss. (Basta 22)

The job of an engineer itself is a creative job. The actual definition of an engineer is “The profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences gained by study, experience and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize the materials and forces of nature economically for the benefit of mankind.” (Bastas 24) In having the basic skills and experiences in math and science, an engineer is basically an inventor. They are given a problem and are depended on to come up with a solution. Whether it be a new chemical, a mechanical part, or even a whole new system such as computer operating program, engineers are the problem solvers of our materialistic society. (Basta 45)

Many engineers work in laboratories, industrial plants, or construction sites where they inspect, supervise, or solve onsite problems. (Britannica 244) Engineering itself has a sort of chain of command in the way a project is handled. It follows in the

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