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Architectural Autocad Assignments

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On-Line Textbook
Architecture: Residential Drafting and Design

1 – Architectural Styles – pg. 21
– Unit Quiz
2 – Basic House Designs – pg. 51
– Unit Quiz
3 – Preparing for a Career in Architecture – 
– Unit Quiz
4 – Drawing Instruments and Technical Sketching
– Unit Quiz
5 – Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
6 – Primary Residential Design Considerations – pg. 147
7 – Planning the Living Area
8 – Planning the Sleeping Area
9 – Planning the Service Area – pg. 215
10 – Designing for Health and Safety
11 – Designing for Sustainability
12 – Planning for Remodeling and Renovation
13 – Floor Plans
Architectural Plans Overview Video
14 – Foundation Plans
15 – Plot Plans
16 – Roof Designs pg. 367
17 – Footings, Foundations, and Concrete
18 – Sill and Floor Construction
19 – Wall and Ceiling Construction
20 – Doors and Windows
21 – Building Sections
22 – Elevations pg. 531
23 – Stair Details
24 – Fireplace, Chimney, and Stove Details
25 – Perspective Drawings
26 – Presentation Drawings
27 – Architectural Models
28 – Residential Electrical
29 – Electrical Plans
30 – Residential Plumbing
31 – Plumbing Plans
32 – Residential Climate Control
33 – Climate Control Plans
34 – Specifications
35 – Estimating Building Costs

AutoCAD(Free AutoDesk Software Instructions)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 – Designing a House pt.1
Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 – Designing a House pt.2
Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 – Designing a House pt.3

Room Layouts
Assignment – Complete a room layout of each of the following using our text book for a reference and examples.

  1. Bathroom (5′ X 10′) – (Chap. 8) BkRef. pg.203-212  (pg.207)
  2. Bedroom (12′ x 15′) – (Chap.8) BkRef. pg.195-202 (pg.170)
  3. Family Room (15′ x 17′) – (Chap. 7) pg.183-184
  4. Living Room (17′ x  20′) – Chap. 7 pg. 168-173
  5. Dining Room (12′ x  15′) – (Chap. 6) pg.174-177
  6. Laundry/Mudroom (10′ x 12′) pg. 226
  7. Garage (25′ x 25′)
  8. Kitchen (16′ x  18′) pg. 215 (pg. 225)

Reference Pages:
Abbreviations – pg. 848 …also see – Website
Wall Thickness Chart – pg. 857
Clearance Requirements – pg.847
Living Areas Furniture & Fixtures Symbols & Sizes – pg. 852
Bathroom Fixtures – pgs. 207
Living/Family Room Furniture Sizes – pgs. 170
Dining/Kitchen Furniture & Fixture Sizes – pgs. 177
Kitchen Cabinets – pg. 222-223
Wall Cabinets – pg. 805
Door Styles & Sizes (Chap. 20) – pgs. 484-493
Window Styles (Chap. 20) – pgs. 497-509
Window & Door Symbols – 812
Entry & Foyer (Chap. 7) pgs. 179-183
Porches & Courtyards (Chap. 7) pgs. 187-191
Architecture/Building Symbols – pg. 798
Roof Truss Layout & Designs – pg. 817, 371
Glossary – pg. 859
Index – pg. 879

Floor Plan

  1. Assignment – Chapter 13 Floor Plans Workbook Questions
  2. Assignment – Preliminary Floor Plan
    1. Bubble Diagrams (2) (Space Relation & Floor Plan)
    2. Average Room Sizes
  3. Assignment – Detailed Floor Plan Assignment( Fully dimension Preliminary)

Roofing Design Layouts

  1. Assignment – Text Chapter 16 pg. 367 Roof Designs
  2. Assignment – Roofing Workbook Questions
  3. Example Designs
  4. Assignment – Using your Floor Plan created above, create 3 different roof layout “hand sketch” variations.
  5. Select the sketch you like best and proceed to the Elevation Views Unit.

Elevation Views

  1. Assignment – Read Text Chapter 22 pg. 531
  2. Assignment – Elevation Views Workbook Questions
  3. Assignment – Elevation Views (Hand Sketch Examples)
  4. Assignment – Create CAD Elevation Views combined with your Roof Layout Design from above.

Plot Plans
The plot plan shows the survey marks with the elevations and the grading requirements. The plot plan is used by the Engineering Aids to set up the corners and perimeter of the building using batter boards and line stakes, as shown here (Example) . Thus, the plot plan furnishes the essential data for laying out the building.

  1. Assignment – Chapter 15 Plot Plan Review Questions
  2. Plot Plan / Site Plan Layout
    Assignment – On 1 acre layout the floor plan you designed in the previous activity. Include ALL appropriate details outlined for plot plans in our textbook. The example link above for a typical residential plot plan. Include trees (landscaping)and elevation information as well. Scale: 1/4″ – 20′

Site Plan (No Assignment)
A site plan (Example) shows the contours, boundaries, roads, utilities, trees, structures, and any other significant physical features on or near the construction site. The locations of proposed structures are shown in outline. This plan shows comer locations with reference to reference lines shown on the plot that can be located at the site. By showing both existing and finished contours, the site plan furnishes essential data for the graders.

AutoDesk Revit
Revit 2017 – General Overview
Revit Architecture Tutorials for Beginners
Revit 2016 Tutorials – Designing a House Part 1-10
Revit: Easy House Project
Revit: Editing Walls
Revit: Landscaping Project

3D Modeling (Revit, Inventor, Rhino)

Assignment – Using Rhino create a 3D Model of your design from above.

Competition Drawings(CamTech – SkillsUSA)

  1. Competition Information
  2. AIA Vancouver Architectural Competition Page
  3. 3D Computer Model Model
  4. Physical Model
  5. Westpoint Bridge Design

Image source: http://www.sy-works.com/index.php?/project/castros-tomb/



The use of AutoCAD has become so fundamental in architectural practices around the world, that showing some level of proficiency in the software before leaving school has become a must. An industry-leading software for drawing as well as modelling, AutoCAD is important to master before you qualify and start working.

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Helpful Resources

Great resources for sample drawings include Detail magazine which has an online presence, as well as the popular architecture blog Archdaily. AutoCAD resources are best found on websites like cadtutor for graphics blocks that are already drawn and can be downloaded and inserted into your work (e.g. bedroom furniture). LYNDA is a great place to access tutorials to find out how to do something quickly. Ready-drawn CAD site maps can be found on country specific websites; for England and Wales, for example, there is Digimaps.

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