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Mental Health Job Cover Letter

Mental Health Worker Cover Letter

A Mental Health Worker cover letter is an introductory letter about yourself, which presents your professional information and expresses your wish to work with the organization. A mental health worker is a person who counsels and assists people in dealing with mental illnesses and instability.

A mental health worker is a social worker associated with the mental healthcare industry. Mental health workers have to coordinate with physicians and nurses in order to plan appropriate treatment for mental health patients. They also provide counseling for the patient's family members and offer professional advice on various issues. In order to evaluate the mental condition of a patient, they may have to conduct interviews and review their past records. A mental health worker should possess excellent communication and inter personal skills in order to be adept at his/her work since this is a job which involves a lot of human interaction.

Since a cover letter is the first form of communication with the hiring manager of the organization you're planning to work at, it is necessary to make a good first impression by writing an effective letter. Refer to the guidelines given below in order to gain better understanding on how to write your own letter.

Guidelines for writing a Mental Health Worker cover letter:

  • A mental health worker is a person who guides a patient and his/her family through the treatment procedures. This means that they have to be proficient at communicating with various people. These communication skills need to reflect in the cover letter.
  • Make use of professional language which is free from grammatical and typographical errors in the cover letter. A well written letter will create a positive impact on the reader.
  • Mention any unique achievements or qualities that you posses in order to give your profile an edge over other applicants.
  • Do not provide excessive information in the letter as your resume already contains details about your job responsibilities. A cover letter should not exceed a single page's length.
  • State the source where you found out about the job opening. This could be from an advertisement in a newspaper or an online portal or even through an existing employee of the company.
  • Inform the reader that you would be interested in appearing for a personal interview and lastly, thank them for their time.

Sample of Mental Health Worker Cover Letter

Wiley M. Packer
97 Evergreen Lane
Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: 323-601-0736
Email ID: wiley.m.packer@mail.com

January 16, 2012


Brandon F. Asbury
Human Resources Manager
George Care Hospital
3823 Front Street
San Jose, CA 95142

Dear Mr. Asbury,

I am writing this letter with reference you advertisement posted in the California Herald newspaper dated 01/14/2012, regarding the opening for the job position of a mental health worker at your renowned hospital. I possess the necessary qualifications and experience in this field and would like to apply for this position.

I have seven years of experience as a mental health worker with ABC Hospital and in this time, I have provided counsel and effective guidance to a number of patients with mental conditions. Providing counsel to patients on the basis of their problems and past records, collaborating with doctors and nurses in order to come up with an effective treatment plan, monitoring patient progress and providing professional advice to patients' families were some of the job functions that I carried out in my capacity as a mental health worker. I have attached my resume along with this letter for your perusal.

I believe I am the perfect candidate for this job opening and would love to further discuss my profile with you in person. Please feel free to contact me on the details provided above in case you have any queries for me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Wiley M. Packer



As seen in the above example, a Mental Health Worker cover letter should contain information about your professional background and state your desire to work with the organization.

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Mental Health Technician Cover Letter

A mental health technician is an individual who assists mentally ill patients in their daily activities and keeps a tab on their medication and other basic functions. Besides mental institutions, they may also work with those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Thus, mental health technicians provide direct patient care and usually report to a senior nurse. While writing a cover letter for a mental health technician, one must make sure that it contains precise information about you and portrays your wish to work with the organization.

Although most mental health technicians aren't expected to possess an educational degree in healthcare, some institutions require the individual to have completed a certified nurse or nursing assistant course from an accredited institution. Since this is a job which requires regular monitoring, they may have to work in rotational shifts and also work on weekends on some occasions.

A cover letter is generally the first point of contact between the candidate and the health institution and is the tool with which the hiring manager of the organization gauges the mental health technician's professional qualities. It is thus essential to present an appealing cover letter in order to increase your chances of securing the interview call. Refer to the below tips on how to write a professional looking cover letter for a mental health technician.

Tips on writing a mental health technician cover letter

  • In order to bring a sense of uniformity to the letter, make sure that your name and contact details along with the receiver's details are left aligned.
  • Open the main body of your letter with information on the source from where you received information about the job opening and state your interest in applying for the job.
  • In the next paragraph, mention your qualifications relevant to the mental healthcare line of work and add a list of job functions that you may have carried at your previous work.
  • Inform the addressee of the letter about any enclosures that you may have attached along with the cover letter and your desire to appear for a job interview.
  • Inform the hiring manager that you can be reached on your contact information for any clarifications and thank him/her for their time and consideration.

Sample of Mental Health Technician cover letter

Ollie D. Senn
1557 Forest Avenue
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 646-915-4959
Email ID: ollie.senn@mail.com

January 3, 2011

Irving C. Stevens
Human Resources Manager
New York Mental Health Center
1041 Chandler Hollow Road
New York, NY 10016

Dear Mr. Stevens,

In response to your advertisement in the January 2012 edition of New York Health magazine regarding the job opening for the position of a mental health technician, I am writing this letter to express my wish to apply for this job based on my experience and skills in this field.

I have been working as a mental health technician for the past eight years with two different mental health institutions. During this period I have performed various job functions such as providing basic level patient care, observing patient behavior and reporting inconsistencies to senior nurses and physicians, assisting patient's relatives with the admission process, etc. I have also helped my reporting personnel in creating reports and administering medication to patients.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume and a recommendation later from my senior nurse Mrs. Dana Whiting, along with this letter. These documents will help you in understanding my profile in a better way. Please feel free to contact me on my contact information provided above, if you have any queries. I will be looking forward to hearing from you regarding this application. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Ollie D. Senn

Letter of Recommendation

As we can see in the above sample, a mental health assistant's cover letter should present your professional image to the hiring manager. A mental health assistant's job profile is often underappreciated but is a vital position in the world of healthcare.

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