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Even though LaTeX provides an extensive set of fonts, you may want to use an an external font you really like and you have already installed system-wide, this is possible with XƎTeX. XeTeX is a TeX typesetting engine using Unicode and supporting modern font technologies such as OpenType (OTF), TrueType (TTF), Graphite, and Apple Advanced Typography (AAT). The corresponding compilers are and .

[edit] Introduction

Times New Roman is one of the most used fonts, if you have this font installed in your system you can use it in your LaTeX document.

\documentclass[12pt]{article}\usepackage{fontspec}   \setmainfont{Times New Roman}   \title{Sample font document}\author{Hubert Farnsworth}\date{this month, 2014}   \begin{document}   \maketitle   This an \textit{example} of document compiled with \textbf{xelatex} compiler. LuaLaTeX should work fine also.   \end{document}

In this example the document uses the popular Times New Roman font, this font is set by . The package fontsec must be imported for this to work.

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[edit] Setting fonts for different LaTeX elements

Different elements in a LaTeX document are formatted with different fonts, for example in a verbatim environment the text is displayed using a typewriter style. Different font styles can be set for each context:

\documentclass[12pt]{article}\usepackage{fontspec}     %This would work on a standard latex installation, (your local computer) %-----------------------------------------------------------------------\setromanfont{Times New Roman}\setsansfont{Arial}\setmonofont[Color={0019D4}]{Courier New}%-----------------------------------------------------------------------   \title{Sample font ocument}\author{Hubert Farnsworth}\date{this month, 2014}   \begin{document}   \maketitle   This an \textit{example} of document compiled with \textbf{xelatex} compiler. If you have to write some code   \begin{verbatim} usually this environment is used to display code   <html> <head> </head> <body> <h1> Hello World</h1> </body> </html> \end{verbatim}   {\sffamily This is a sample text in \textbf{Sans Serif Font Typeface}}   \end{document

In the previous example three different fonts are used, the next lines determine the elements that will use this fonts:

This is the normal font used in most of the document, Times New Roman in the example.
The elements that require a sans font, explicitly declared by the in the example, will be typeset with Arial font.
Everithing that must be formatted with a Typewritter font in your document will use the Courier New font. This command has an extra optional parameter inside braces:
This sets the colour of the text in hex html format. Especially useful when making a presentation.

You can use the fonts installed in your system, see the reference guidefor a list of font-directories for different operating systems.

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[edit] Fonts in ShareLaTeX

If you want to use your own fonts on ShareLaTeX you must upload them first, and then configure your document to be compiled with XƎLaTeX. To render the example of the previous section add the next to the preamble:

\usepackage{fontspec}     % Times New Roman\setromanfont[ BoldFont=timesbd.ttf, ItalicFont=timesi.ttf, BoldItalicFont=timesbi.ttf, ]{times.ttf}% Arial\setsansfont[ BoldFont=arialbd.ttf, ItalicFont=ariali.ttf, BoldItalicFont=arialbi.ttf ]{arial.ttf}% Courier New\setmonofont[Scale=0.90, BoldFont=courbd.ttf, ItalicFont=couri.ttf, BoldItalicFont=courbi.ttf, Color={0019D4} ]{cour.ttf}

The file names end with a .tff extension because they are True Type fonts, other fonts are also supported. Check also the Google WebFonts collection for many free fonts.

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[edit] Reference guide

Fonts directories

Depending on your operating system you can find font files (.otf/.ttf) in the following directory:

  • Mac OS X: /Library/Fonts
  • Windows: Windows/Fonts
  • Linux: /usr/share/fonts/ (some user-installed fonts can be in /usr/local/share/fonts/ or ~/.fonts/)

If you want to find your fonts by name, open Fonts module in your Control Panel / System Settings application or see fonts list in your Word or Libre/Open Office suite.

[edit] Further reading

For more information see:


Both Reference Lists and Bibliographies are placed at the end of your essay, assignment or thesis (unless your lecturer has specified differently, which may be the case for theses). Citations (references) are then arranged alphabetically by author or responsible organisation, or where no author is given, by title. (If the first word is a definite/indefinite article it should be ignored, e.g. The Story of Art should be filed alphabetically under Story). Citations by the same author are then arranged chronologically, with the most recent first.

It is important you consult with your lecturer or Course Notes to determine whether a Reference List or Bibliography is required. 


Reference List (Example)

About Jenny Holzer 2011, dvd, Microcinema International, San Francisco, California.

Art + soul : a journey into the world of aboriginal art2010, television program, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sydney, 4 October.

Art Farmer 1978, Art, sound recording, Cadet Records, Chicago, Ill.

Chains = Cantene/Titanus 2011, motion picture, British Film Institute, London.

Colli, MG 2009, Bilbao_6 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, photograph, viewed 4 January 2012, <http://www.flickr.com/photos/52355315@N08/5757476385/>.

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Fujimoto, Tetsuo 1998, Work 98-1, Fibre art : Hemp cloth, polyester threads, Pellon backing and natural plant dyes Exhibited at: Textural Space exhibition, Surrey Institute of Art & Design, 27 Apr - 23 Jun 2001.

Google Earth 6.0. 2008. Hylands House and estates 51°42'39.17"N, 0°26'11.30"W, elevation 60M. 3D Buildings data layer, viewed 31 August 2011, <http://www.google.com/earth/index.html >.

Gorman, P 2001, The look: adventures in pop & rock fashion, Sanctuary Publishing Ltd, London.

Gough, P 2017, What makes art good or bad?, video recording, Youtube, viewed 17 July 2017, 

Le Corbusier, c. 1950-1954, Notre-Dame du Haut, exterior, Ronchamp, France, viewed 12 January 2012, Oxford Art Online database. 

Liebovitz, A 2002, Dancers: photographs by Annie Liebovitz, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington.

Melbourne Water 2012, Weekly water report 5 January 2012: Chart view Daily residential water use in Melbourne, Melbourne Water, Victoria, viewed 12 January 2012, <http://www.melbournewater.com.au/content/water_storages/report>.

Mojang 2009, Minecraft, video game, Xbox 360, Mojang, Sweden.

Nefertari with Isis, n.d. photograph, viewed 4 January 2012, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ankh_isis_nefertari.jpg>.

Sallowsky, M 2006, RMIT buildings - Brunswick campus, digital image, RMIT University, Melbourne, viewed 12 January 2012, <http://www.rmit.edu.au/browse;ID=218ujxd8tspl1>.

Turner, JMW 1812, Snow storm: Hannibal and army crossing the alps, Oil on canvas, 145×2360 mm, Turner Collection, Tate Gallery, Britain.

Ubisoft Entertainment 2012, Assassins creed III, computer program, Ubisoft Australia.

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