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Social Service Organizations Essay

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Today there is a great need for social service organizations. The population of a lot of cities and countries has grown, creating the need for more shelters, soup kitchens, and so on. Most of these organizations are church based and community founded. Then there are others that are funded by federal and state government.
The Durham Rescue Mission is a church based organization. They provide a lot of help and shelter for the homeless and for low-income families. Reverend Ernie C. Mills founded the mission in 1974. The first mission was just a two-story house. It has since then grown to be a about the size of an average church.
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There are a lot of young single mothers out there that have kids and can’t provide for them. The either don’t have the know how or just don’t have the support group that they need. There are also a lot of families that have lost everything due to loss of jobs of natural disaster. These people need a place to stay till they get back on their feet, and they also may need a little family counseling. Then there is the whole homeless issue, these people have nowhere to go and need food and the bare necessities like everyone else.
When it comes to things like shelters and helping others there are always some ethical issues behind them. Then again there are ethical issues behind everything. Here are a couple of them. Whether or not you are doing the right thing by helping these people. If your motive for doing it is right, Should they if they are not Christian be subjected to the Christian faith? I believe that it is the right thing to do. Helping people wherever you can will and always will be the right thing to do. As far the motive whatever it is, if you are doing the right thing then it is ok with me. The person that you help is not going too care if you did it just to impress someone. However if you are not a Christian and you do go into a Christian shelter you had prior knowledge of where you were going. If you don’t like what they are telling about God and you don’t want to here it then don’t go back.
The mission it self does a great

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Community Service Essay Reflecting Personal Experience And Use Of 7 Articles.

Blood. Blood was the first thing that I had seen when I walked in to the E.R. of NYHQ in Flushing, Queens. A young man, about the age of 25, had been injured in a car accident. There was blood running down the left side of his face. This reminded me of one of my favorite television series, "HOUSE," the only difference was that this was reality. I was standing in the middle of the emergency room in a real hospital, a hospital full of real sick people.

Community service means much more to me than completing hours for a class or for a more appealing résumé. It builds character, leadership, and integrity. It transforms regular humans in to leaders and more passionate citizens. Community service also stands as a foundation builder to become a more caring person. It opens up to many opportunities that can carry a very long way throughout your life. Serving my community is another level of accomplishment. The definition of accomplishment can vary from person to person. Accomplishment can be viewed as wealth and fame by some and others may see accomplishment as the things they get done in their daily work. To me, the joy one experiences from personal satisfaction is the true meaning of accomplishment.

My job at New York Hospital Queens was to take care of patients in the emergency room. I was a loved hospitality volunteer. I handled every unit from pediatrics to trauma. I was the only all rounder on the volunteer team. I handed out water, magazines, toothpaste, toothbrushes, cups, plates and food to patients when needed. I guided people to the correct rooms where they needed to go to visit a loving family of friend. Asking patients if they needed any assistance, even when they didn't was my great skill. Many volunteers did only what the nurses asked them to, I did not only that but much more. Receiving blessings and a "thank you" from someone you do not know is the greatest accomplishment in doing community service. On days that the hospital was not very busy, the nurses had me run simple errands. These errands such as grabbing medicine from the pharmacy or delivering papers to another floor helped me develop skills on how to interact and connect with people.

While volunteering in the hospital, I highly considered a career in the medical industry. Eventually I found out, none of this was for me. Going to work in a suit, and not in scrubs, was my real dream. Although working in the emergency department is one of the hardest jobs that can be imagined, this great experience will never be forgotten or fully explained with words. The temporary relationships I built with the patients made me feel like I was helping my community one person at a time. As Bill Clinton once stated, "This world calls for a little humility and human kindness." This is very accurate. Volunteering is all about humility and kindness. Service makes one humble and brings out the kindness from within.

Community service also helps students who want...

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