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Thesis Statement For Gay Marriage Paper


Thesis Statement Examples

Thesis Statement Examples. A thesis statement expresses the main point or argument of an essay. Examples of a thesis statement are typically in the format "A is B because C", such as "Racism [A] is immoral [B] because it is against human equality [C]". There are many other thesis statement examples in writing essays especially persuasive ones. A brief but catchy thesis statement easily attracts the attention of readers as it immediately tells them what you will be arguing in your essay. Below is a list of several thesis statement examples with brief explanations.

Thesis Statement Example 1

Wrong: "Electric cars are better vehicles because they have benefits." [This is a wrong formulation of a thesis statement because it does not compare electric cars to another type of vehicle in terms of benefits.]
Correct: "Electric cars provide a viable alternative to gasoline-fueled cars because the benefits outweigh the costs."

Thesis Statement Example 2

Wrong: "Smoking should be prohibited." [This thesis statement is too vague or ambiguous apart from being too short. It does not really argue for or against any specific point.]
Correct: "There should be an absolute ban against smoking in public because secondhand smoke endangers the health of non-smokers."

Thesis Statement Example 3

Wrong: "I will argue in this essay that same-sex couples can marry because it is their right." [This thesis statement is unclear. It is not really disputed that same-sex couples can marry because they really can, only that they can marry a person of the opposite sex. Note the correct way of writing the thesis statement in the next sentence.]
Correct: "This paper argues that same-sex marriage should be allowed because homosexual couples are also citizens with fundamental rights like heterosexual spouses."

An effective thesis statement is straight to the point. It avoids unnecessary and vague words that do not really relate to the essay's topic. In the thesis statement examples provided, observe how they adhere to the "A is B because C" formula. While there are other ways to write a thesis statement, the formula allows you to write one that fully expresses an argument while getting rid of words and phrases that have little to do with your topic.

You may also want to read how to write a thesis statement.

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The legalization of gay marriages is arguable as of now and it is being discussed in the society. It’s a controversial subject and it’s difficult for lots of people to accept it. When you have a research paper on gay marriage and thinking of thesis statement, check this out.

Writing Thesis Statement for gay Marriage Research Paper

Thesis is the central idea of any writing that is why it is important to know about the purpose of the thesis, you should indicate the specific topic, impose a manageable limit on your topic and make sure to show organization of ideas.

When it comes to the format of thesis statement, you need to have a single sentence with three reasons. Make sure that you have succinct reasons that are short but can present clear ideas. Do not also forget that parallel language structure is important.

For placement of thesis statement, you can put your thesis statement at the last sentence of your introduction. A clear thesis and clear placement allows the reader to remember and know the central point of your paper.

Regardless, there are don’t’s that you should not do when it comes to same sex marriage research paper. Your statement must not too factual or else you have little space in arguing something. Avoid using facts in your thesis statement. Avoid presenting a broad thesis.

Examples of Thesis Statement Research Paper on Gay Marriage

  • Civil and legal rights of married individuals

  • Homosexual couples are people too and they have the rights that allow them to right to marry.

  • Gay marriage always happens all the time and it is the bond between two people.

  • Marriage must be available to couples regardless of their gender because institution become egalitarian and considered as human right.

  • Banning gay marriage must be made because it is against the constitution.

It is difficult to make a thesis statement for bullying research paper or any other thesis statement for research papers for first timers but they are lucky because there are gazillions of tips available on the internet that helps them to have a guide. Individuals can also check out for examples if they want to know more information.

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