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Economically Disadvantaged Essay Outline

What Makes a Child Disadvantaged Essay

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What Makes a Child Disadvantaged

Disadvantaged children tend to be slightly ignored when one thinks of education.
However, they are individuals just like any other child and they should be given the same opportunities that all children have. Poverty is a huge problem in many areas of the world. MacQueen states “poverty puts children behind from birth, and keeps them behind for life (2003).” If a child is in a household with little money, they may lack “the stable home in a safe neighbourhood, adequate nutrition, and the kind of involved parenting” that would be influential on the correct and desired development of the young child (MacQueen, 2003).

Children with handicaps, whether they are physical or mental, also fit into the…show more content…

17). These experiences can hopefully spark a child’s interest in learning.

The effects of early childhood educational programs, both short and long-term, for all children are remarkable. Some assume that children with disabilities cannot get the full experience and that they cannot take advantage of those experiences that they would encounter in a preschool type program. On the other hand, a study done by Lamorey and Bricker found that “children with disabilities enrolled in integrated early childhood programs demonstrated higher lever of social play and more appropriate social interactions, and were more likely to initiate interactions with peers” (Diamond, 1994, par. 2). Gains in socialization and interaction with peers are just the beginning of the effects that these ‘early intervention’ type programs have on children (Smith, 1988, par. 1).

Even though some may believe that disadvantaged students may get socially abused in a preschool type program, the social development of the disadvantaged child can be one of the most influential effects that these programs can have on the student. Any one person can tell from experience that children who have any type of disadvantage tend to be either secluded from the rest of society or to be more antisocial and isolated. In a study called the Ypsilanti Perry Preschool

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The American Dental Education Association also allows you to apply to dental school as a disadvantaged student. In addition to answering a series of questions from a pull down menu, you are also allowed to submit a special essay that builds a case for your disadvantaged status. For many students from backgrounds with limited family resources, providing this information is an extremely smart thing to do, as it might greatly reduce the expenses that you will occur in dental school.

Both medical and dental schools appreciate the fact that some applicants have overcome obstacles on the path to their goals. You are welcome to provide any information and describe any background experiences that may have put you at an educational, social, or economic disadvantage as you prepare to apply. Dental and Medical schools actively seek to identify applicants who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you feel that you are disadvantaged, by all means you should apply.

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