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Randolph College Application Essay

Admission to Randolph College

Enroll Now

Admitted students, reserve your spot in the Class of 2022 by paying your enrollment deposit now.  Enrollment deadline is May 1.

How to Apply

Whether you’re applying as a first-year, transfer, international, adult or home-schooled student, there’s a place for you here. The first step is to read the application procedures. Apply via Randolph’s Online Application   and keep your eyes on the important dates and deadlines, especially if you’re considering applying Early Action. Contact our admissions counselors with any questions about your application.

Criteria for Admission

Randolph College recommends a GPA of 3.0 or above and a competitive SAT V+M (or ACT equivalent) score for admission. The College uses a holistic approach to evaluating applications and considers more than GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Students with a broad range of academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular credentials are admitted each year.

Visit Randolph

Take a tour of Randolph during one of our Open Campus Days or Open House events. Or schedule a private personalized visit and tour.

  • March 24 (Sat) – Admitted Student Day
  • April 7 (Sat) – Admitted Student Day
  • April 14 (Sat) – Admitted Student Day
  • April 21 (Sat) – Open House
  • More dates and information…

Scholarships and Financial Planning

Randolph College is committed to helping you to be able to base your college decision on the quality of the education and the richness of the experience rather than the cost. We offer a full range of scholarships, grants, loans, employment, and payment plans. The advisors in our Student Financial Services Office are easily accessible and will help you and your family choose the most appropriate options.

Learn More

Enrollment Center – Accepted students: Click here to complete your enrollment, sign up for orientation, and start your Randolph College experience!


We are glad that you have decided to apply to Randolph College! Be sure to take these three important steps:

  1. Submit an application via one of the following methods
  2. Submit your official credentials.
    • First-Year Students: If you are applying for the first-year class, request official transcripts from your high school and your official test scores from College Board or ACT.
    • Transfer Students: If you are applying as a transfer student, please submit transcripts from the college(s) you’ve attended; high school credentials are only needed if you’ve completed less than 30 credit hours.
  3. Visit campus. Newly-enrolled students tell us that the visit, and the experience they have meeting students and faculty, is one of the biggest factors in their decisions. A visit is not required for admission, but we strongly recommend it. We can also put you into contact with faculty and students to get the “inside information” you require.

The Cost to Attend Randolph College

Selecting a college is an important decision that requires accurate and clear financial information. Therefore, we believe that every student and family:

  1. should have access to financial aid counseling at the beginning of the inquiry and application process to get questions answered and to allow time to develop a financial game plan;
  2. is entitled to an understanding—early in the inquiry and application process—of the approximate average cost of tuition, room, and board; and
  3. has the right to request reconsideration of the financial aid award when there is a material change in circumstances, such as loss of income, unexpected medical expenses, or changes in dependent status.

Get Answers Early. The professionals in Randolph College’s Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) can answer your questions, work through “what if?” scenarios based on your family’s resources, and be a resource for you. We also encourage you to use our Financial Aid Calculator at www.collegecostcalculator/randolph to get an estimate of your cost to attend Randolph College, and then call one of our financial aid counselors to discuss the results. Your admissions counselor will introduce you to an SFS team member.

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