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Cover Letter For Banquet Food Service

PandaTip: The cover letter is one of the most important elements of your proposal. Be sure to add images that showcase your best work. The copy should provide value and give insight into why someone preparing for their next event should hire your catering company.

[Date Today]

Dear [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]:

[Sender.Company] is pleased to provide you with the attached catering proposal for your [Event Occasion], which is currently scheduled to be held on [Event Date] at [Event Location]. We understand that this is a very important occasion and we are committed to giving our utmost attention to make this a very memorable and stress free day.

In addition to an assortment of the finest foods and beverages, a knowledgeable and experienced staff, [Sender.Company] boasts a wide selection of china and silverware. Furthermore, we have strong relationships with the area’s best vendors for any additional needs. Your dedicated event planner will work with you to design the best possible event which will reflect your own personal tastes and preferences. We are confident we can deliver all of these services while staying within your desired catering budget.

The attached proposal represents [Sender.Company]’s formal offer to provide catering services for the event described therein, upon the terms and conditions and pricing provided. As planning begins, some of the details in this document will change to suit your preferences and priorities. Consider this proposal an initial overview of our offerings in conjunction to your needs, and should you have any questions about the possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at [Sender.Email] or [Sender.Phone].

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with this catering proposal. We very much look forward to the opportunity to work with you and to make this occasion a momentous one.




[Sender Title]


[Sender.Company] has been in business for [Number] years. We fulfill distinct event needs with excitement and creativity, the finest quality ingredients, and flawless elegance.

You name the celebration, describe the look and feel you are going for, and then relax. And relax some more. [Sender.Company] takes care of every detail of your memorable event.

With our unparalleled service, you can count on us to provide you with everything you need for your big event. When you hire [Sender.Company] you are guaranteed one of the best events you will ever attend.


PandaTip: All information in this section should be discussed and established with the client prior to the creation and delivery of the proposal.

PandaTip: This document only includes fields for the Client’s initials to indicate an understanding of the components of the event and the available services of the Company. This is an informal agreement, and specific pricing and terms should be sent separately in a contract or agreement after the Proposal has been approved.

  • Attendance – [Number of Guests] people
  • Event Date – [Event Date]
  • Event Location – [Event Location]
  • Event Description – [Event Occasion]
  • Budget – [Budget]


PandaTip: By adding images in your pricing table, it’s not only an opportunity to showcase your beautiful work, but also helps your clients visualize their event. It also gives them a perspective of what they truly need to pull off the entire production. This section includes sample lists of potential services with rough price estimates. Be sure to customize these for your clients’ particular event. You may add additional optional services as well, as each client or venue will have varying needs.

Equipment NeededPriceQTYSubtotal

This is optional. In case of inclement weather, you may want to have your guests sheltered.

 Dance floor

Price is per square foot, quantity reflects the number of square feet needed.

 Sound equipment

If you plan to have any kind of emcee, the sound equipment would be necessary.


Set napkins with rings


Price includes set of charger and dinner plate.


Price includes standard 5 piece setting.


Price includes a water glass and wine glass.

 Tables and chairs

Due to your guest count, your event needs about 20 tables. This could change.


Total: $9275




  1. Appetizers – [Cost of Appetizers] per person
  2. Dinner – [Cost of Dinner Entree] per person
  3. Dessert – [Cost of Dessert] per person
  4. Drinks – [Cost of Drinks] per person


We pride ourselves with providing you with the absolute best service. This includes ensuring the best staff will be on hand to make your event absolutely incredible. You can sit back and relax and let our professional servers, bartenders, and chefs take care of all the work.


Staff MemberNo. of Staff NeededCost per Staff Member
Servers[Number Servers to Guests][Cost per Server]
Bartenders[Number Bartenders to Guests][Cost per Bartender]
Chefs[Number Chefs to Guests][Cost per Chef]
Event Manager[Number Mgrs to Guests][Cost per Event Manager]
Event Planner[Number Planners to Guests][Cost per Event Planner]
Rental Equipment Delivery2Included

A designated event planner from [Event Planning Company] will also be provided and will serve as the main point of contact for [Client.Company].


  • Centerpieces – pricing in accordance with [Event Planning Company] catalog available online at [Event Planning Website Address]
  • Flowers – pricing in accordance with [Event Planning Company] catalog available online at [Event Planning Website Address]
  • Lighting – pricing in accordance with [Event Lighting Company] catalog available online at [Event Lighting Website address]
  • Tables and Chairs – pricing in accordance with [Catering Company] catalog available online at [Catering Company Website Address]


  • Band or DJ – from company that [Client.Company] chooses. Contract will be separate from any agreement with [Sender.Company]. Please let us know if we can assist in helping you find the perfect entertainment.


PandaTip: The summary of the pricing terms may vary based on whether they are a recurring or one-time client. A payment schedule and remittance methods will be included in the subsequent contract sent after the proposal has been approved. Our pricing table is flexible. Add and remove items you need such as sales tax, discounts and even descriptions.

Name of ServicePrice
Food for Cocktail Hour and Reception$13000
Table and Chair Rental$5000
Plateware, Flatware, and Stemware$2500

Subtotal: $20500
Sales tax (3%): $615
Total: $21115

A 50% deposit will be due on or before [Deposit Due Date]. The remaining balance will be collected a week prior to the event. We accept all major credit cards and checks.

The estimated amount above is not a fixed amount and is subject to change based on actual charges and final guest counts and any additional charges approved by the Client.

[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] of [Client.Company][Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] of [Sender.Company]

Banquet Manager Cover Letter

A good and important source of revenue for hotels and many conference centers comes from hosting events such as weddings, meetings and dinners for business and organizations. The banquet manager is the one to execute these events. He or she is basically a hospitality food service manager. Applying for such a position requires an effective banquet manager cover letter. The letter is a formal way to introduce you to the hiring manager. Sending a good and effective cover letter is an important aspect of interview.

Your cover letter if written poorly or misguided will reduce your chances of getting the job. In fact these letters can help you create a good and lasting impression upon the hiring manager. These letters of introduction explain who you are and the reason for you to write it. This is a courteous nature to introduce yourself and requesting them something which in this case is an interview.

Tips to write cover letter for banquet manager

Get familiar with some important tips and instructions as how to write these letters.

  • The cover letter should be send customized with the resume.
  • Target the cover letter and list out the criteria the employer is looking out in a particular candidate.
  • Your cover letter should not be a duplicate of your curriculum vitae in fact it should highlight your background which relates with the job.
  • The letter should be simple and clear. It should be one page length or less.
  • Personalize the letter by addressing it to the individual responsible for hiring people in the company.
  • This cover letter should be sent using emails. Keep them short and precise.
  • Proofread your letter and spell-check it to avoid any mistakes before you send it.

The samples cover letter for banquet manager will give you some ideas and the format and what the content should be like for these letters.

Your name and address:


Recipient's address:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Last Name),

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement for the post of banquet manager in your hotel. I learned about the job vacancy at (mention the source) and am very keen to be a part of it. I have attached my resume with this letter.

I have worked as a banquet manager for five long years in two different large scale hotels. During this span of time, I handled hundreds of guests. I know and am aware of the requirements and expectations that have to be fulfilled in the areas of managing food arrangements, floor employee's presentations and seating. I am fully aware of the challenge that I would be taking as a banquet manager. I can provide the utmost optimum service to both your hotel and convention guests. Apart from this, I love working with people and believe in working as a team. I am diligent in variety of the tasks that are put forth.

If you think I would prove to be an asset for your hotel then please let me know at (insert your contact details). I would be pleased if you could arrange for an interview wherein I can discuss about my educational background and skills.

Thank you for taking your time to consider my cover letter.


Your name:

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificate

These are some tips and samples to write banquet manager cover letter and show the hiring manager that you understand about the tasks involved in the position.

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