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Mat 540 Assignment 1 Rayhoon Restaurant

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420 Pearl Street
Burlington, ONL7R 2M8
(905) 637-2500

The place might be over priced but the food is fantastic. Service is nice and welcoming. And the location is awesome right in donwtown Burlington.

Tried Rayhoon for the first time and was thoroughly impressed. The customer service was excellent, staff were constantly checking in to see how everything was. I had the koobideh Kanon and was pleasantly suprised. The food was delicious and it came incredibly fast. I'd definitely recommend this to friends and family and will definitely be returning.

It is as good as it gets! My fiance and I randomly found this magical place. Everything was amazing from service to the food. For starters we had Zeytoon Parvardeh, the flavor was quite powerful, and worked well with the bread that was served with it. If you want something Tangy and sweet, thats the starter for you. For entree we had Fesenjoon and Lamb Shank with Baghali Polo. Fesenjoon's dish was once again very flavourful and is now my favourite dish. For the Lamb Shank dish the meat fell right off the bone, and the rice had a nice balanced light falvor from the dill and beans. Since it was my fiance's birthday, the waitress added a complimentary cake. THANK YOU!

Thought we would give it a try and were not disappointed. Excellent service followed up with excellent Persian food. Tried three of the appetizer dips to start, which were all very good. I had the lamb shank and my wife had the fesenjoon, both very very good. Heading back on Feb 20th for the buffet and the belly dancer.

This place rocks for authentic Persian. The owner is a very nice and attentive person. The Fessanjan is a must try.

This was my first time in a persian restaurant, so I can't testify to the authenticity of the food but I can say it was delicious. Starting from the flat bread with sesame, which was amazing. I had the Fesenjoon with saffron rice. The portion looked just about right but it was so delicious and filling I couldn't finish half of it. To finish I had the Makhloot, and as a person with the sweet tooth I loved it. It wasn't too sweet but it was delicious and exotic. The atmosphere was nice and quiet and the service was prompt and good. I highly recommend this place. We will be coming back here in the future.

A hidden little gem within my favorite part of Burlington. The outside patio makes for very pretty pictures. The restaurant its self was packed with a larger dinner party but the staff was very accomodating with outside seating. No complaints it was a nice evening and the patio/gazebo was so pretty. The food was decent. I had a fish stew type of meal(?) not bad. would most likely order something different next time.

If you want small portions and burnt beef koobideh kebabs then come here. I've tried many persian restaurants and this doesn't compare. It's more expensive then the others and you get less with lower quality. Our koobideh was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. The owner walks around the restaurant which is weird. The waitresses are young girls who really don't know much about the food or the culture. We had to ask for butter when this should come withy every meal

Tasty and authentic food with a great location. My only issues are the high prices for small portions.

Went here and ordered kebab koobideh. It was the worst koobideh I've had. The outside was burnt and black and the inside was raw. The sizes were small and not comparable to other Persian restaurants. For the price, the portions and quality are low.

My boyfriend and I were up visiting with our furkid and after a long car trip we were hungry! We started wandering around downtown and came across this little area that reminds me of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter! In the middle of this little brick alcove was Rayhoon! We went over to the front where the menu was posted and while we were looking through it, this older man comes out to talk us through the menu! We decided to eat there and we are SO glad we did!!!! It was my boyfriend's first foray into any sort of Middle Eastern food and he became a fiend!! We went there several more times after our initial visit and found the food just as good as was the service. I've NEVER had more personal service as I did at Rayhoon even though we just did take away! The food is great, the people are great, and the location is adorable! Do yourself a favour and get food here!!!!

It was my first time there.I found it very cozy and lovely to spend time with my loved ones. The food was amazing, tasty and exactly like an original one(Persian in Iran) which I barely could find in Canada. The portion was big enough so we as 3 people were full with only two dishes of Soltani Kebab with Rice. I highly recommend you to go there and I can assure you you will enjoy. It locates in a very beautiful neighborhood near lake shore.I plan to go there again with my friends as a weekend plan and take walk to the area as well.

The place is beautifully decorated, the outdoor seating area has a tree in the middle covered with string lights, and everything smelled good. My boyfriend got the Ghormeh Sabzi, which is a herby and very fragrant beef and kidney stew. It was really flavourful and delicious. I got the Fesenjoon, a chicken stew that's sweet and tangy from pomegranate molasses, and delightfully rich with ground walnuts, although there was butternut squash puree in there I couldn't really taste. I really liked my dish as well. We both plan to come back here and try more stuff from their menu!

If you haven't tried persian food Rayhoon is a great introduction (although they may spoil you). This family owned restaurant injects love and passion into their meals and you can taste it. Try the eggplant dip to start and the fesenjoon stew! My husband and I went to eat there the day before we got married and were given the most beautiful Iranian Blessing, which moved us both.

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy an early evening dinner at Rayhoon with a friend. Not having had sampled any Persian fare before, I came to it without any expectations. The decor is open and welcoming. Persian artwork and brass adornments accent the place without being overwhelming. The wait staff were attentive, informative and enthiusaistic to share their Persian culinary knowledge. When they did not know something, they went out of their way to ask. we learned at lot about saffron that evening. We ordered the Rayhoon Special which does not sound at all Persian or exotic, until one reads that it is One skewer of Barg & one skewer of Joojeh....now we are talking! Barg refers to the spice and prep method of kabobs that are Beef, Chicken,or Lamb. Joojeh are chiken kabobs. They were served in ample portions, along with charred tomato and saffron infused rice. As the meal was prepared, we were offered a complimentary house specialty appetizer. It was a small pita with onion, various herbs and feta cheese. It, at first blush did not seem as though it was going to be too appealing, but the simplicity coupled with the freshness brought it home. Meat on a skewer does not seem to have potential for much to talk about, but the meat was extremely tender. They key to the experience is to detect the under lying subtle flavours that permeate each morsel. This in not mystery meat drenched in Tzatziki sauce. This pleases the pallet and defies one to identify the herbs and spices that dance along the surface. We did not have room for desert on this inaugural visit and I expect to return in the near future to sample that as well. An ample dinner for two (shared plate) including two glasses of wine was under $50.00 before tip. An excellent intro to Persian cuisine.

Good food. Reasonable prices to little pricey . Nice ambience. we ordered the Koubedh and chicken sheesh kebab. also pita bread with the yogurt sauce . service was very nice . the food was fresh but a little cold and could have been great if served fresh from the kitchen. It probably sat some where for a while. Would have given 5 stars for warmer food and a little larger portions.

Found out about this restaurant by googling for persian restaurants in the area! Went to Rayhoon for Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, who happens to be persian. I ordered gheimeh and he had the soltani. For dessert, we had the mahkloot. Of course, can't forget to mention that we also ordered a jug of doogh :) Overall the food was very good however the gheimeh was not what I had anticipated! I had better gheimeh at other restaurants..this one was missing the potatoes and the stew itself was just noy the best quality around. The soltani, which I also tried was amazing: very juicy and well cooked. I wish I had it instead of the gheimeh, but there's always next time. The restaurant itself is pretty difficult to find especially if you're coming out of town like we did. It's tucked away in a square, but it's nice. The owner also came to our table and asked how everything was. He was very friendly and mentioned the patio in the summer time, belly dancing and buffet every 3 weeks on the Friday. Overall we liked this place and will return. It also gets bonus points for being closer to home than the persian restaurants in Toronto!

Excellent food, service and friendly atmosphere. I had the lamb shank and it's was great. Very nice yogurt drink.

Stopped by on a Sunday night- not many people there and the food was excellent. Very fresh- their bread and dips were great appetizers and the stews were full of flavor. The mahi stew was aromatic and a good balance. The staff were very friendly and the owner came by as well. We will repeat for sure- a gem in Burlington.

Good food and great service. The owner stopped by and checked on us several times to make sure the food was good. The Adidas polo and kabab were really good.

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